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Make Your Voices Heard - We've Made it Easy to Contact Your Representatives

As advocates for our kids and for freedom we must let our elected officials know how we feel at every level. We will no longer be the silent majority.

Be bold and brave. Speak your mind and remember to keep it simple in your communications. They will get more out of 5 one paragraph emails than sending one long email.

Another way to keep it simple is to copy and paste your communication from one email to another. Let everyone know your opinion. Speak your truth loudly as you stand strong on your convictions.

Parents for Liberty has compiled a list of Roaring Fork Valley representatives from the school board and district leadership to city council members, county commissioners, state representatives all the way up to our governor.

We must hold our government accountable for the actions they take "on our behalf."


Please feel free to share letters you have written that you'd like others to have access to in the comments! We are stronger together!

Colorado Representatives in Washington, DC

John W. Hickenlooper, U.S. Senator, , (202) 224-5941

Michael F. Bennet, U.S. Senator,, (202) 224-5852

Lauren Boebert, U.S. Representative,, (202) 225-4761

State Leadership

Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado,, (303) 866-2471

Dianne Primavera, Lieutenant Governor of Colorado,, (303) 866-4075

Phil Weiser, CO Attorney General,

Garfield County

Lou Vallario, Garfield County Sheriff,, (970) 945-0453

John Martin, Garfield County Commissioner,, (970) 945-5004

Mike Samson, Garfield County Commissioner,, (970) 945-5004

Tom Jankovsky, Garfield County Commissioner,, (970) 945-5004

Eagle County

James Van Beek, Eagle County Sheriff,, (970) 328-8509

Jeanne McQueeney, Eagle County Commissioner,, 970-328-8604

Kathy Chandler-Henry, Eagle County Commissioner,, 970-328-8604

Matt Scherr, Eagle County Commissioner,, 970-328-8604

RE1 School Board

Natalie Torres, Board President; District B,, (970) 384-6000

Jennifer Scherer *, Board Vice President; District E,, (970) 384-6000

Jasmin Ramirez, Board Secretary/Treasurer; District D,, (970) 384-6000

Jen Rupert *, Board Member; District A,, (970) 384-6000

Maureen Stepp, Board Member, District C,, (970) 384-6000

*board seat up for election Nov 2021 for a four year term

Link below for RE-1 Board Meeting public comment form

RE1 Senior Leadership Team

Rob Stein, Superintendent,, (970) 384-6002

Rick Holt, Chief Academic Officer,, (970) 384-7963

Jeff Gatlin, Chief Operating Officer,, (970) 384-6024

Nathan Markham, Chief Financial Officer,, (970) 384-6003

Anna Cole, Chief of Student and Family Services,, (970) 384-6000

Angie Davlyn, Chief of HR,, (970) 384-6013

Kelsy Been, Chief of Staff / Public Information Officer,, (970) 384-6009

Glenwood Springs City Council

Steve Davis, Ward 1,, 970-928-0561

Jonathan Godes, Mayor,, 970-379-4248

Shelley Kaup, At Large,, 970-948-9018

Paula Stepp, Ward 4,, 970-404-0162

Charlie Willman, Mayor Pro Tem,, 970-930-1460

Ingrid Wussow, Ward 2,, 970-404-5105

Basalt Town Council

Bill Kane, Mayor,, 970-927-8232

Elyse Hottel, Town Councilor,, 510-541-8239

David Knight, Town Councilor,, 970-924-0475

Glenn Drummond, Town Councilor,, 970-261-6120

Gary Tennenbaum, Town Councilor,

Ryan Slack, Town Councilor,

Bill Infante, Town Councilor,

Carbondale Board of Trustees

Dan Richardson, Mayor,

Heather Henry, Trustee,

Ben Bohmfalk, Trustee,

Luis Yllanes, Trustee,

Marty Silverstein, Trustee,

Erica Sparkawk, Trustee,

Lani Kitching, Trustee,

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