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P4L Action Items That Need Your Attention NOW

As you likely know, there is a BOE meeting on 10/13/21. They will hold a candidate forum from 5:30-6:30 in person. It is my understanding that the BOE Meeting will take place following the forum. (Please correct me if I'm wrong-it isn't clear on the district website.)

We can share feedback and questions we'd like to ask. There is a form you can fill out here:

Marissa, Jaime and I met today to come up with some good questions. If they resonate with you please go to the link above and add these questions to the form and submit it. We hope that with enough parents asking the same questions the moderator will actually ask them. Please feel free to edit them or just copy and paste.

  1. How will you correct the perception that the board doesn't listen to parents?

  2. How do you fix the appearance that the district wants to bypass parental rights and make blanket medical decisions for all the children in the district?

  3. Do you support vaccinating 100% of our children despite not knowing the full health risks involved and that it is not fully approved by the FDA (even when it is approved for emergency use)?

  4. Do you believe it is appropriate to teach the constitution and American exceptionalism in our schools?

  5. Outside of a mill levy which will add an additional tax burden to our local citizens, how would you reallocate existing funding to pay our teachers more?

Please mark this BOE meeting on your calendar and plan to be there. Sign up to speak at the BOE meeting if you haven't already. (

Legal Action Preparation

It looks like we will eventually need to take legal action to stand up for the rights of our kids. In order to prepare for this I'm asking each of you with kids in schools, or are in another way impacted by the schools to keep a journal of specific instances when something adverse happens.

  1. This could be the negative effects masks are having on your kids like headaches, always feeling tired, acne or rashes from masks, getting sick more often, how it affects them playing sports, etc.

  2. Pressure they are getting (or bullying) from teachers, students, staff, principals in regards to their masks. This could be coercion or menacing.

  3. Pressure or bribing to get vaccinated.

  4. Emotional harm they are suffering due to all these covid policies. Increased anger, anxiety, depression, apathy, irritability, shame, fear of not belonging if they don't conform, worry, frustration, embarrassment, dread about going to school, cynicism, being humiliated by classmates or staff, overwhelm, resentment, scared, lowered self-confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, self-worth, increase in self-doubt.

We are looking into different lawyers who have more experience handling these kinds of cases. Generally these lawyers are already overloaded with cases just like ours. So in order to get their help we will need to do the grunt work of putting our case together. I'll have way more details for you in the next week. For now, just start keeping a journal of how this is impacting your life. Our next P4L meeting is on 10/12/21, the day before the next BOE meeting. Please plan on attending in person or we'll have a zoom link you can join virtually. 7pm. 1402 Huebinger Drive, GWS. Lots of street parking. Stand in Love and Courage,

Mindy Arbuckle

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