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School Board Elections - Vote for Chase and Steven

We had a productive meeting last night and I want to keep all of you in the loop to be motivated, take action and support each other. I know we are in hard times. Yet we are not alone. Standing together, we can make a huge difference in our valley and for our kids.

Below are a number of action items you can accomplish. Please commit to at least one action item per week for the next few weeks until the election is over.

Our primary focus is on getting the right people elected for the Board of Education in our district and beyond. Tara will send you a flyer she's put together with candidates up and down the valley, because a better BOE in our neighboring communities is good for us all.

Our candidates are Chase McWhorter and Steve Fotion for RE-1. Please get their names out to people you know. Talk with your friends, neighbors, relatives (some may no longer have kids actively going to school anymore), HOAs.

Most school board elections have low voter turnout. That means if we get even 10 more people to vote for Chase and Steven each, we can make a difference. Plus, many people don't take the time to research the candidates. So if we inform them of our top choices they will likely trust you and vote the same way.

Action: Talk to 5 people in person. Email 10 people about the election.

Action: Write a short letter to the editor starting off with "Vote for Chase and Steven for xyz". "Chase for choice" "Steve for Change" etc. We need to get their names out there more.

Action: Share on your personal facebook page who you are voting for or the fliers we will get to you in the next couple days.

Action: Peaceful Rally to get Steve and Chase's names in the public eye. Bring your own signs with their names on them.

Next Monday, 10/18/21 4:30-6:00 Sayer Park off of Grand Ave.

Following Monday, 10/25/21, 4:30-6:30, Cornerstone Church in El Jabel (there is a Roaring Fork Concerned Citizens Meeting at the church at 6:30 you are welcome to attend)

Action: We are printing up fliers to hand out at local businesses supporting Chase and Steve. Jayme will let you know where to get them and she can email us the file. Pass them out at school when you are picking up your kids.

Lastly there is an RE-1 Board Meeting and Candidate Forum tonight. The forum will be live cast but the BOE meeting will NOT be. Please come in person if you are able. We also need more people to signup to speak at tonight's meeting. (10/13/21)

Live cast link:

Sign up to speak:

Again, it is critically important that we get these men elected and support others in different communities to get their candidates elected. This is no time to feel defeated or overwhelmed. We must take positive action to create positive change. Now is the time to be bold and courageous!

Together we can make a difference.

With Bold Love,

Mindy Arbuckle

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